Journey to Orchard Grove, where everyday believers come face to face with the God whose plans are far more glorious than what the mortal mind could ever imagine.  

Meet a mother whose baby is struggling to survive in the NICU. Find a woman battling postpartum depression. See a pastor’s wife who might have just destroyed her marriage.

And the God who is big enough to work redemption in each of their lives.

Read the three-book box set from award-winning Christian author Alana Terry today.

Orchard Grove Box Set
Christian women's fiction by Alana Terry

A baby was never part of Tiff's plans, especially not a sick baby in a NICU struggling for life.

Christian women's fiction by Alana Terry

They had a storybook romance, so why is she hiding in a shelter for battered women?

Breath of Heaven

She hasn’t fallen out of love with her husband, she just can’t stand his church.